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What is Viking Names?

Viking names are the historical names that relate to any instance, historical place, or the names of the people who had any special event. Before introducing you about the Viking names first we tell you a little introduction about Viking age because these are the names that were used in the Viking age.  what is the Viking age?

what is viking names
what is viking names

what is the Viking age?

Viking Age is the time period from 800 to 1050 AD when a large group of Scandinavians left their county to find their good fortune. They were the strong people and warriors and were called Viking people. They began from raiding coastal sites and defended many monasteries in the British Isles.it was a ruler period when the first king appeared and ruled over Denmark. He made his own history and named the Denmark first time in 965 AD. During Viking age, the king of Denmark also ruled over England and Norway but a certain period of time. These names are also used in the memory of the people who went for any special expedition during this period. Some names are related to animal names which had given that time, it can be a place name or any special symbol also.

viking age
viking age

Anyway, it is narrated that the Viking people had good reputations. The Viking people period remained until three centuries. Norse gods and animal names also included in the list of Viking names, some are taken from the families of Viking people like Harland, Svend, and Khud from the Danish royal family.

So, why you don’t want to pick these historical and unique names for your newborn baby. As you know the names of the baby have effects on the personality of him. The name meaning indicates a special power attributed to them, for example, Frida means “peace” Astrid “Beautiful and love” any many more which has good meanings.

Viking names are coming again on trend nowadays and people are using these names for their newborn baby to make their baby personality unique and dashing.

The Most Popular Viking Names List Which Inspires You

Here in this article, we have collected a list of Viking names that are famous and have a good meaning. We have categorized the names into different subcategories, so you can easily choose according to your choice without wasting your time instead of searching from the one whole list.

Most Popular Viking Names List
Most Popular Viking Names List
  1. Female Viking names
  2. Viking names male
  3. Viking last names
  4. Cool Viking names
  5. Viking warrior’s names

Female Viking Names with Their Meanings

Here we have some popular female Viking names with their meanings which are related to the name of Norse Goddesses and some others.

Female Viking Names
Female Viking Names



Astrid A beautiful name for you cute little baby girl which means “Godly Strength” taken from the Scandinavia royal family.
Freya Freya a good little princess name means “lady”. If anybody knows the history of this name, it will become the most famous name. it is one of the beautiful goddess names.
Ingrid Another beautiful heavenly name which means “beautiful goddess”. Ingrid was one of the popular and royal names throughout the Viking age and also becoming popular nowadays.
Solveig One of the most beautiful Scandinavian names which have original Norse meaning “Strong house” another meaning “daughter of the sun” “Sun’s path”. Solveig is the most popular in Germany and France.
Sigrid/Sigfrid Means victory, wisdom, and beauty, comes from Old Norse. Name popularity can be found in several places and become more famous even outside of Norway too.
Sif/Siv Siv was the wife of Thor having characteristics of fertility and agriculture. Sif/Siv also has a cool and beautiful meaning “bride”.
Gunhild The name comes from the word war having different spelling in different regions like Gunnhild, Gunhild, Gunhilda, and Gunhildr. The reason for the popularity of Gunhild due to,  because Gunhild is the famous physician, an environmental advocate and founder and CEO of GreeNudge, and also the president of the EAT Foundation.
Saga A beautiful and nick Viking name means “a tale” or “a fairy tale”. Saga relates to Norse goddess of poetry so that’s why it is identified as the Goddess Fridge. The name often used in Iceland Sweden and Norway.
Hilde Fight
Ama Eagle
Erica Noble, forever strong
Solveig Strong house, daughter of the sun
Inge Hero’s daughter
Revan Raen
Sigrid Victorious horsewoman
Liv Of life
Hertha Powerful woman
Runa Secret lore

Viking Names Male with Their Meanings

Here we have the list of Viking names male from which often we got directly from the Norse God and some from the other popular culture. Either they are less popular or famous you can select according to your baby personality.

Viking Names Male
Viking Names Male



Leif Descendant, beloved
Herleif Warrior descendant
Ragnar Army rule
Gunnar Who can stand alone
Vidar A Viking name means “a Viking god” “the wide-ruling one”
Magus Big, mighty
Loki The trickster god
Aric Eternal ruler
Ivar Bow warrior,  archer
Arkyn Eternal king’s son
Freyre God of weather
Tor God of thunder
Harald Lord and ruler
Odin God of Viking gods
Ulrik Noble ruler
Loki A moral middle ground.
Bjorn An animal name but a cool name,
Ivar Having great history related to kings, warriors, and some other famous personalities. Ivar means  “bow warriors” or “arher”
Odin The most complex Viking names male originated from art, war, wisdom, and death.
Harold/Harald One of the royal Viking names male, the name of the king which is becoming popular nowadays.
Knut Knut remained popular throughout Scandinavia also in Europe. It’s also a royal name.
Ragnar A popular Viking name, which gets popularity after the successful TV show “Viking”.
Magus A royal and very modern name means “great”.
Leif Become popular due to the name of Norwegian singer, comedian, and actor Leif. He is an American singer.

Cool Viking Names with Their Meanings

As you know often Viking names are related to the warriors, animal names, famous place name of Viking age, so what about the cool Viking names which have some cool and soft meanings. If you are searching for some cool Viking names then here we have generated a list of them.

cool viking names
cool viking names



Ake Forebear
Alfhid Battles of elves
Alva Female elf
Alvida Battle of elves
Arvid Tree of eagle
Ase God-like
Asger Spear of God
Aslaug A woman engaged with God
Aslog A woman engaged with god
Asmund Device protection
Aadolf Strong wolf
Aaliyah Exalted, sublime
Aapeli Breathing
Aapo Father of many nations
Aoron Mountain of strength
Aart As powerful as an eagle
Aatami Man
Abarrane Mother of multitude
Abbas Stern
Abbe Nobleman
Asta Devine Beauty
Astrid Devine Beauty
Audhild Fighting for wealth
Audun Affluent friend
Balder Bearer of light
Bard Battle against peace
Berglijot Light will save
Birger One who helps
Bjarke Bear
Bjarte Bright man
Bjorn Bear
Bodil Battle will cure
Borghild Defense in battle
Brandt Sword
Brant Sword
Brenda Sword
Brenda Sword
Brenna Sword
Ryniar Warrior in armor

Viking Warriors Names with Their Meanings

Throughout the Viking periods, there was a group of warriors who defended many monasteries and built their own rule. According to history, they were the well-reputed and brave people who can see in the eyes of their enemies. Here we have a list of some famous warriors Viking names.

Viking Warriors Names
Viking Warriors Names



Bjorn A Viking leader, he was the son of Ragnar Lodbrok.
Egil Skalagrimsson An Icelandic Viking warrior name, it is said that he had killed a boy when he was just 7, who cheated him
Eric Bloodaxe The son of the first king of Norway. He killed his brother.
Erik the Red A Viking warrior who fled Norway for Iceland.
Freydis Eiriksdottir A female Viking name, she was the first woman who visited North America in the 11th century.
Gunnar Hmaundarson It is said that he was one of the famous and most beautiful men in the world.
Halfdan Ragnarsson He defended Northumbria in 865, also known as the great Heathen Army.
Harald Hardrada The last Viking ruler, it is said that he was the brutal ruler.
Ivar the boneless The name of the Great Heathen Army.
Leif Erikson Son of Erik
Ragnar Lodbrok A most famous and important Viking warrior led several raids on England and France.
Rollo of Normandy A famous Viking chieftain became the first ruler of the Normandy region in France.
Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye The son of Ragnar Lodbrok, it is said that he was born with a mark on his eye like a snake.
Sweyn Forkbeard  The name of Viking king of Denmark and England.
Ubba Ragmarsson He was also the son of Lodbrok

What is the Most Popular Viking name?

most popular Viking name
most popular Viking name

There are thousands of Viking names from which we have collected some of them. If you are searching for the most popular Viking name then according to our search “Rognar” is the most popular Viking name all across the Scandinavia, which are used nowadays and coming on-trend day by day. It has made popular after a Viking TV Show and its leading character Ragnor “Lothbrok”. Another reason for the popularity of this name the co-recipient of the first Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences politician Ragnar Sigvald Skancke, and Ragnar Frisch.

These were the Viking names which we have collected for you through our different resources, we tried our best to collect all kinds of Viking names from which you can easily select a good and beautiful name for your cute little once.


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