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Unisex Names List

Unisex names list, so you couple have a newborn cute baby. This is the great blessing of God and no doubt it is the big gift and great happiness for any family after the marriage. After you got this gift the first and most important thing is to make a unique identity of your baby by giving a unique and beautiful name. The names which are now mostly used and are being on-trend are unisex names. Unisex names or gender-neutral names are the names that can be used for both gender boys and girls. Choosing unisex names to have a different reason for example if you want to add your family name, any traditional reason, or due to some other purpose. But the thing is, choosing a unisex name makes the name more unique and beautiful.

Unisex Names List
Unisex Names List

Why you are here? Definitely, you are finding the unisex names list to give a beautiful name to your baby, and here you are in the right place.

We have collected various unisex names through different resources and add them here. I hope you will find a good unisex name for your baby.

Unisex Names List

unique Unisex Names List
unique Unisex Names List




AKI Unisex Bright, autumn
AKIRA Unisex Bright, Clear
AOI Unisex Blue
HARU Unisex Spring
HIKARO Unisex Light, radiance
HINITA Unisex Sunflower, facing towards the Sun
HIRO Unisex generous
HISOKA Unisex Cautious, reserved
JUN Unisex Obedient
KAEDE Unisex maple
KAORU Unisex Fragrance
KIN Unisex Gold
KOHAKU Unisex amber
KYO Unisex cooperation
MADOKA Unisex Circle,round
MAKOTO Unisex Sincere
MASA Unisex Just/True
MASUMI Unisex True clarity
MICHI Unisex pathway
MINORI Unisex truth
MITSURU Unisex Satisfy, full
NAO Unisex honest
NATSU Unisex summer
REN Unisex Lotus/love
SHINOBU Unisex endurance
SEIKO Unisex force
SORA Unisex Sky
YASU Unisex peace
YOSHI Unisex Lucky/righteous
YUKI Unisex Happiness/snow
YUU Unisex gentle
YUUKI Unisex Gentle, superior

Unisex Names List for Girls

If you have a baby girl then scroll down to the bottom. Here we have some unisex names for girls. Although unisex names are those names which are used for boys and girls these are the names which were of boy’s names but now these are being famous in girls and vanishing from the boys names list.

Unisex Names List for Girls
Unisex Names List for Girls




Safiya Ayden Wesley
Scipio Ashton ReagonIvan
Tau Sophie Giovanni
Delilah Liliana Natalia
Rehekah Alex Antonio
Halima Emmanuel Bailey
Maisha Bryce Miguel
Asuka Andrea Morgan
Kofi Joel Jeremy
Diara Preston Jordyn
Bahari Alejandro Sydney
Joel Kayla Kaden
Magdalen Trinity Payton
Elisha Kimberly Jocelyn
Barnabas Brian Kendall
Bryson Colin Jalen
Gianna Angelica Karen
Rylee Colby Tiffany
Diego Devon Brittany
Jonah Lindsey Courtney
Maria Erica Jasmine
Timthy Caitlyn Alan
Alan Timothy Jeremy
Grant Steven Bryan
Steven Kimberly Keith
Kaleb Viriginia Gloria
Marcus Marie Harry
Lilly Jerry Roger
Lauren Cynthia Randy
Bryan Douglas Joe
Jaden Deborah Terry
Makayla Carolyn Brittany
Karina Larry Wayne
Cassandra Kathleen Christine
Crystal Patricia Bobby
Marissa Joyce Billy
Breanna Ann Denise

Unisex Names List for Boys

So you have a baby boy then here we have made a separate name list which is used often for boys. These names are unisex and can be used for both sex but these are the names that were of girl’s names but now migrated to the boy’s names due to their uniqueness and popularity.

Unisex Names List for Boys
Unisex Names List for Boys




Safiya Kofi Austin
Scipio Diara Evan
Tau Bahari Evan
Delilah Elisha Autumn
Rebekah Banabas Mila
Halima Lucas Landon
Maisha Mila Skylar
Asuka Josiah Xavier
Braxton Timothy Lauren


Bryson Alan Bryan
Gianns Grant Jaden
Rylee Steven Makayla
Diego Kaleb Karina
Jonah Marcus Cassandra
Maria Lilly Crystal
Marissa Alejandro Caitlyn
Breanna Kayla Wesley
Caitlin Trinity Reagan
Ayden Kimberly Ivan
Ashton Brian Govanni
Sophie Colin Natalia
Liliana Angelica Antonio
Alex Devon Bailey
Emmanuel Lindsey Miguel
Bryce Erica Morgan
Joel Sydney Jeremy
Preston Kaden Jordyn

Here was the popular unisex names list which our team of unisexname has collected for you. I hope you will find a beautiful name for your baby boy or baby girl. God bless you and your baby to the whole life and may you and your family live long. If you know some other beautiful name then let us know through the comment section.


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