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Unisex Names for Girls

Unisex names for girls, although unisex names or gender-neutral names are those names that are given to both gender boys and girls. But some of the names in this category which were of boy’s names but now migrated to the girl names, we say unisex names for girls.

Unisex Names for Girls in usa
Unisex Names for Girls in US

Unisex names are mostly being used in the USA, but also in many countries other. In some countries, there is a law that you can’t give unisex names to your babies but a gender-specific. It’s not exactly knowing what is the reason but it can be due to the potential discrimination, or psychological abuse, etc. Here in this article, we have collected unisex names for girls which are being used mostly for girls and are coming to the category of popular unisex names. These are the names that are less common in boys but often adopted for girls these days.  Here is one thing that these names have different specifications about gender according to that country’s traditions. So we can’t exactly collect unisex names for girls from all over the world. But here we have collected mostly from the USA and some other popular unisex names which are being on-trend on the internet.

Pouplar unisex names

You can give the surname a girl unisex name but can change the middle name and last name as you want to make some difference of gender. For example, you can choose the middle name of same-sex which exactly the baby gender is and the last name can be your family name, country or your place of living, etc. People often used this way for the selection of their newborn baby name and it looking good and unique. Here in this article, we have the top most popular unisex names for girls which are collected by our team and are listed below.

Unisex Names for Girls

Unisex Names for Girls
Unisex Names for Girls





Addison Armani Hareper
Adley Ashley Haven
Alex Austen Hollis
Alexis Avery Honor
Alexis Avis Indiana
Ali Azariah Indigo
Amory Bailey Jazz
Angel Bellamy Landry
Arden Black Lee
Ariel Cassidy Lennon
Blakely Charlie Lesley
Blue Clancy Lindson


Brook Grey Sandy
Campbell Hadley Sawyer
Carmel Harley  


London Peyton Shannon
Lynn Phonenix Tory
Lyric Poet Valentine
Madison Presley Whitney
Marley Quincy Darcy
Paris Rory Domiique
Parker Rowan Eden
Payton Royal Elliott
Peace Royalty Ellison
Perry Rylan Emerson
Emery Kennedy Morphy
Ever Kerry Nicky
Finley Kim Oakley
Gentry Lake Ocean
Jordan Marlo Quinn
Jules Mchinley Reagan
Justice Meredith Reese
Kelly Milab Reilly
Kelsey Monroe Remi
Kendall Morgan Revel
Ridley Sidney Storm
Riley Sky Sutton
River Skyler Tatum
Robin Stacy Taylor
Shelby Stevie Wisdom
Wren Wynn


These are our pickups of unisex names for girls which we found. If you know some others which are now trending in your country then please tell us through your feedback in the comment section below. We will add that to our list.

Below we have some questions which are often asked.

What is the weirdest name for a girl?

Every parent looks for a unique name for their baby, and to find uniqueness in their names often they pick some funny and odd names which they don’t know in the future their names will be hated. These names are called weird or unusual names. So here is the question, what is the weirdest name for the girl then there is too many for example Addilyn. Calla, Camari, Cora, Danica, Effie, Elodie, Elora, etc. often parents use the weird name as a nickname of their baby I think it is the only choice you should use for your babies instead of giving the actual name a weird name.

Is Taylor a unisex name?

Taylor a beautiful, pretty, and popular name which are using since a long time ago. So what about if it is a boy or a girl name or it is a unisex name? It is a name that is called a traditional name because its meaning is “tailor”. Actually it is the name of a boy but due to its popularity, it’s being famous in the girls also. So we can say Taylor is a unisex name for girls which have been migrated from boys to girls.


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