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Most Popular Unisex Names

Popular Unisex Names

Are you looking for a popular unisex name for your newborn baby, then you are in the right place. As this site is contained complete about unisex baby names, so I don’t need to tell you what are the unisex names. You can find any type of unisex name which you are looking for. So, come to the point. Here in this article, we have collected the most popular unisex names through different sources especially from the site “nameberry” which is a most popular naming site.

Most Popular Unisex Names in america 2020
Most Popular Unisex names

Here is the 10 most popular unisex names which are now on trend according to the nameberry.

  1. Bellamy
  2. Charlie
  3. Dakota
  4. Denver
  5. Emerson
  6. Finley
  7. Justice
  8. River
  9. Skyler
  10. Tatum

Charlie is also the name that comes in the top 250 names of the boys and girls.

The Names which are Rising Now

According to BabyCentre, they have seen a strong interest in the parents in unisex baby names and observe some names which are most selected by parents like Ari, River, Cameron, Sam, Tatum, Corey, Frankie and Emery.  There are also some names that are recently converted into unisex names like Stevie, Max, Drew, Tyler, and Ryan.

Most Popular Unisex Names 2020
Most Popular Unisex Names 2020

Most Popular Unisex Names with their Meanings

If you are looking for unisex names with their meaning then, here we have some most popular unisex names collected by nameberry with their meanings.



Alexis A Greek name meaning “Defender”
Angel   A religious and cool name meaning “messenger” but often used for Latin males
Ariel  A religious and biblical name with the cool meaning “lion of God”
Avery An English name meaning “ruler of the elves”. Can be used for both genders but often used for the girls.
Blake A pretty and English origin name meaning “fair-haired dark”. Often associated with boys.
Charlie  A best and traditional name Charlie taken from a German dictionary meaning “free man”. A unisex name but often used for girls.
Dakota A popular place name comes from native America having cool meanings “friendly one”.
Eden A beautiful name giving feelings of peace and serenity. Also have a good meaning “place of pleasure, delight”. As it looks like a feminine name so often used for the girl’s names. In every four girls, there is one name of a boy.
Elliott Elliott meaning “Jehovah of God” the best boy name but can be used for girls. This name is also used as a nickname like “Ellie”.
Emmerson A unisex baby name which is gaining a lot of popularity since many years meanings “son of Emercy”. Can also be used as a nickname like “Em”, Emily, Emma
Emery A German name meaning “industrious”. The highest-ranking name and most popular in girls for many years.
Finley  A Scottish and Irish name meaning “fair-haired hero” also called royal name due to related to Macbeth’s father.
Hayden  An English origin name meaning “heather-grown hill”.
Jordan Often used for boys. a most popular unisex name for many years according  to the nameberry
Karter Karter comes in the top most popular 1000 boy names meaning “transporter of goods by cart”.
London Listed in the top unisex baby names in nameberry names collection. An English name and also a “place name”.
Morgan Often used as a surname, welsh origin name meaning “sea-song or sea-circle”.
Parker Another English origin name meaning “park keeper” now coming on-trend in the unisex names category. This was a girl’s name but now often used for the boys. It comes in the top 100 names of the boys.
Peyton An English name meaning “fighting-man’s estate”. A popular unisex name remained on the top throughout the year.
Quinn A beautiful Irish name meaning “descendant of Conn, chief leader, intelligence” often used as a surname.
Riley Another Irish name meaning “courageous”. Irish and also English surname.
River A nature lover name can be used for both girls and boys. But adopted for the boys.
Rowan A cute and unique name meaning “little redhead” you can choose if your baby has red hair. It is an Irish and Scottish name.
Sawyer  A friendly name meaning “woodcutter”. Also considered as occupational name according to the nameberry
Taylor A pretty and cute unisex name also considered as “occupational name” due to its meaning is “tailor”.

How to Pick a New Name?

Most Popular Unisex Names
Most Popular Unisex Names

Picking a new name for your newborn baby is a too much-complicated task, you have to be careful in choosing the correct name because it will lead to the future of your kid. Name also have a great impact on the personality of any person. You can pick a good and new name by searching on the web. There are too many websites that have good names with their beautiful meaning, you can also search here unsxnames.com to get a good and new name. You are also well aware of nameberry also.

So here were the most popular unisex baby names which we have collected through different resources. Hope you will get a good name for your baby through unisexname.com.



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