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French Unisex Names

French unisex names, France is a well-known country for having beautiful sights, places food and vine. It’s a place of visitors from all over the world. Visitors come towards France to see its beautiful and famous tower Eiffel tower which existed in the city of love and lights. France also famous in art, agriculture, and history also.

French Unisex names
French Unisex names

It also has a beautiful and elegant language, that’s why it has a dictionary of beautiful French names. Although French baby names are used in France but also they are famous all over the world due to their uniqueness and characteristics. In French baby names, there is one category which is called unisex names. Unisex names are names that can be used for both category boys and girls. It’s the gender-neutral names, these are the names which were of boy names or girl once but now they are migrated to the opposite sex due to their popularity or due to some other reasons. The unisex names which are used in France we called French unisex names.

Here in this article, we will describe the most popular French unisex names that we collect through our different resources. These are not all but which I can collect.

French Unisex Names

Prénoms Unisexes Français
Prénoms Unisexes Français

Prénoms Unisexes Français




Gabriel God is my strength Unisex
Jade Thank ful Unisex
Jules Youthful, calm and simple Unisex
Adrianna From harida Unisex
Alvia Noble awt. A friendly and creative Unisex
Amelot Arthur’s Castle Unisex
Auberi Powerful and kind hearted Unisex
Belot Name of a place, Unisex
Bijiou Name of card name Unisex
Calestina Jewel Unisex
Celestine Heaven Unisex
Cezanne Artist name Seeking of freedom Unisex
Chandelle A candle Unisex
Chandler Candle maker and seller Unisex
Chayce Hunstman Unisex
Cheney Oak grove growing Unisex
Chevis Fish name Unisex
Coeur The heart Unisex
Courtenay Short Noses translated in to French Unisex
Creasy Pleasant Unisex
Crecent The phase of the moon Unisex
Darel Beloved Unisex
Davignon Lovely Person Unisex
Dejah A fun loving man Unisex
Delayine A Dark Challenger Unisex
Deor Golden One Unisex
Dior Open Hearted Man Unisex
Do Independent man Unisex
Domenique Unique and special man Unisex
EI Got from Eleaner Unisex
Erembourc A French Chracter Unisex
Esmae Respected Unisex
Gabriell God Heroine Unisex
Georgette Man works with Soil, seed and plants Unisex
Gervaise The man working for spear Unisex
Holly Red Berries plant Unisex
Jonatha A moody man having best skill of communication Unisex
Kari A female name mean balck Unisex
Lavern Woodland Unisex
Leonidem Having quality of lion Unisex
Louvain Place Name Unisex
Maine Mainland Unisex
Marquette Land Owner Unisex
Matese A Gif of God Unisex
Michon Precious talent by God Unisex
Mortimer Motion-less water Unisex
Myrl Black Bird Of the Sea Unisex
Noe Relax Unisex
Outacite Man-killer Unisex
Parrish A loyal person Unisex
Patrice Clear Sighted Unisex
Platt Flat lands man Unisex
Quincy Estate of 5th Son Unisex
Rema A deep love Unisex
Remy Mean a remedy, Cure Unisex
Rivera Living beside River Unisex
Romy Rome Person Unisex
Rusti Red Head Person Unisex
Sacha The Defender Unisex
Savon Soap Maker Unisex
Shante Stony Place Unisex
Shantel Stony Place Unisex
Shery Dear One Unisex
Simone Hearing man Unisex
Sinclaire A prayer name Unisex
Spencer Dispenser of Provision Unisex
Stella Sea Star Unisex
Sydnea A wide Island man Unisex
Tayelor Tailer occupational name Unisex
Taylor To Cut Unisex
Taylyr A Cutter Unisex
Therese Harvester Unisex
Toulouse City Tolosa Man Unisex
Trais Three Unisex
Travis Cross Over Unisex
Tre Third born baby Unisex
Troy Son of Foot-soldier Unisex
Valentine Health Unisex
Valery Strength health Unisex
Wallace A Celt Unisex
Zuri Beautiful Unisex


Here are the questions which are mostly asked?

What does marguerite mean in French?

Marguerite is a popular French unisex name that is now being on-trend in France and people mostly using this name for their babies which has also beautiful mean “Daisy” a famous flower name. It also has a meaning of Pearl or light. This famous name is a part of the Greek, Persian and American dictionary having different meaning like in French dictionary it’s mean “Daisy” a flower name. In the Greek dictionary its means Pearl, in the Persian dictionary its mean “God of Light” and in the American dictionary, this beautiful name has also the meaning of “Pearl”.

Marguerite French unisex name
Marguerite French unisex name

Here were the most popular French unisex names which we collected for you, if you know some other which we don’t write here then please give us feedback through the comment section below. We will add them to our list and we will be glad to do that.

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